Red Dog Athletic Tracks and Red Diamond Infield Products

RED DOG... An Athletic Tradition for Over 50 Years!


A. Curbs

  • Curbs shall be 4" x 4' Interlocking Precast Red Dog Curbs.
  • A typical track will require approximately 3,000 linear feet of Red Dog Curbing.

B. Base Course

  • Local road base material (crushed rock, caliche, etc.). Caution: Base must have sufficient fines to facilitate compaction.

C. Top Course

  • Red Dog Tracks Topping as manufactured by Red Dog Track, Inc. Strawn, Texas.
  • Red Dog Tracks Topping weighs approximately 2,400 pounds per cubic yard before compacting. After compaction, one ton will cover approximately 225 square feet, one inch deep.


A. Subgrades and Elevations

  1. Specifications concerning preparation of subgrades, the layout, area drainage, and elevations shall be furnished by the owner - architect or engineer. The track should always be built above surrounding grade level to allow for proper drainage.
  2. Specification concerning finish grades on the track: Should allow no water to stand on the finished track.

B. Base Course

  1. Placement of the base materials shall be done only after the subgrade is finished.
  2. When using Interlocking Precast Curbs, base should be 1 foot wider on each side of the finished track.
  3. Spread base material to a thickness which will allow 10 percent compaction. Use of light blade equipment will be allowed.
  4. Compact base course.

C. Curbs

  1. Curbs shall be set in accordance with the design drawings. True to line and dimensions.
  2. Curbs shall be installed in desired location. The top of the curbs shall be run to propper grade line. After all curbs have been placed, a partial backfill on the outsides of the curbs shall be applied by hand to prevent misalignment of curbs.

D. Top Course

  1. Red Dog Tracks Topping shall be delivered onto the base course with light equipment, protecting curbs and base course. Light blade equipment shall be used to distribute topping.