Red Dog Athletic Tracks and Red Diamond Infield Products

RED DOG... An Athletic Tradition for Over 50 Years!

Notes: No water should stand on the finished surface of the track. The figures given are for the preferred configuration. However, track rules allow other shapes.

In addition to be used for athletic tracks, Red Dog Track Topping is used for park trails, shotput rings, walking trails, jogging paths, running tracks, baseball warning tracks, and a variety of landscaping purposes.

400-Meter Track

d = Distance between Radius Points 328.08 feet'
r1 = Radius to Measuring Line 104.44 feet'
r2 = Radius to Track Side of Curb 103.44'
S = Length of Chute (approximate) 128.00'
w = Track Width between Curbs

 Number of Lanes 36" Lanes 42" Lanes 
 Six Lanes  18.00" 21.00"
 Seven Lanes  21.00"  24.50"
 Eight Lanes  24.00"  28.00"

Track Diagram

400 meter track diagram

Typical Track Section

An Attractive Value With Low Maintenance

  • The cost of installing the Red Dog Track System is 30 - 50% less than that of an asphalt or synthetic track.
  • The Red Dog Track System has the lowest maintenance cost of any system in use today.

A Durable Choice - Environmentally Correct

  • Get back to the basics - Red Dog Cinder Tracks have been around for over 50 years.

The Concrete Curb System

  • Provides and exciting alternative to poured in place concrete curbs.
  • The Red Dog Track System cuts 60% of construction time.

Typical Section Diagram

typcial track section