Red Dog Athletic Tracks and Red Diamond Infield Products

RED DOG... An Athletic Tradition for Over 50 Years!

Red Diamond Infield Conditioner is used for all baseball and softball infields. Red Diamond Infield Clay is used as a base for most baseball and softball infields. Red Dog Track Topping is used for baseball warning tracks.

Infield Conditioner

  • Brick red in color
  • Crushed vitrified clay and lava rock
  • Recommended 1/2" thick to all skinned areas to improve color, drainage, and create a safe infield playing surface
  • An improved water absorbtion rate reduces rain delays

Infield Clay

  • Red clay and sand blended together
  • Excellent for softball and baseball infields
  • Recommended at least 3" thick in infields

Warning Tracks

  • Brick red in color
  • A combination of red cinders blended with clay and sand

Typical Baseball Layout

Warning tracks are typically 10 feet wide.

typical baseball layout